My name is Ana Paula and I am an Advertising graduate from The University of Texas at Austin, though I am originally from Del Rio, Texas. My home town is a small town on the U.S.–Mexico border, west of San Antonio, Texas and across the Rio Grande river from Acuña, Mexico. I also have two minors, one in Studio Art and the other in Business Foundations. As a child, I loved learning new things and was a hard-working student in school. In high school, I was also a varsity athlete and in the National Honor Society. Growing up so close to the border has helped me gain and understand a more unique perspective on different ways of life.

Some things you can easily catch me doing: Obsessing over a great book (I am an avid reader), binging on a list of movies (I love all cinema), drawing or painting my latest idea or experiment (I love digital art on my iPad), or with a tennis racket in my hand (I have been playing for 8 years).

I am interested in the creative side of advertising as is reflected in my studies. I have always been intrigued about how art and design are used in media and how it can influence people and what they think and feel. One of my earliest sources of inspiration was Apple’s line of silhouette TV commercials for the iPod. They are instantly recognizable, memorable, and catchy – yet without much explanation for the product itself people both knew what it was and wanted to buy one.

For me, Advertising is the perfect blend of my passions, letting me apply artistic ideas to different aspects of something. It is fascinating how even the most simplistic of ads can express so much through their medium by utilizing good design.